Dictator, revolutionary, madman - just a few of the words that have been used to describe former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. But can ‘existentialist’ also be added to the list?

Published March 2021. 100 pages — Available to purchase on Amazon.

“An intriguing new perspective on [Gaddafi's] perpetual outsider status... Nash reveals several elements of Gaddafi’s career that point to a relationship with existentialist thought”

— Geoff Shullenberger, The American Conservative

“American readers will find this section of the book fascinating and see that the city-country dichotomy that animated much of the populist, anti-elite movement behind the Tea Party and Trump’s ascendance to the presidency is not exclusively a Western phenomenon”

— Rob Shimshock, CNS News

BUGEYED (2019)

A non-fiction, visual exploration of wageslavery, ownership, and decline.

Published August 2019. 110 pages — Out of print.

“Nash tackles aesthetics, morality, economic dislocation, the nature of selfhood, and the death-spiral of contemporary society in micro-essays and Nietzschean aphorisms” 

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